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  • $16

    Pro 75-ohm Coax, BNC to Same, 6 ft

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  • $27

    Expression Pedal with Polarity Switch and Sensitivity Control

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  • $20

    Keyboard/Digital Piano Footswitch Pedal with 6′ Cable, Polarity Reverse Switch, and Rubber Gripping

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  • $19

    Acoustic Bronze Nanoweb Custom Light 11-52. – Elixir Strings for electric guitar give you great tone that lasts 3-5x longer. Elixir Strings deliver the presence, punch, and detail of the finest conventional strings while extending tone life and clean, new-string feel 3-5x longer.

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  • $18
    • Material: Nickel Plated Steel
    • Type: Light/Heavy
    • Gauges: .010, .013, .017, .032, .042, .052
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  • $9
    • A beautifully balanced tone that encompasses wondrous warmth and brightness
    • Exceptional versatility lends itself to all musical styles
    • D’Addario’s best-selling acoustic guitar strings
    • Incredible durability is offered by phosphor coating and high carbon steel core
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  • $18

    The Elixir E16052 Nanoweb Phosphor Bronze Strings are the elixir of life when it comes to durability – they’re sure to help your guitar sound its best. Offering a bright, smooth tone, they’ll bring your notes to life, and ensure that the full voice of your instrument can be heard. The Nanoweb coating offers exceptional protection against dust, grime, and sweat, massively prolonging the life and tone of these strings. And the feel is exceptional – your fingers will slide over them with ease. If you want the best performance from your instrument, these will not let you down.

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  • $120

    Cort AF510 Acoustic, Natural Overview

    Affordable and player-friendly. The Cort AF510 Acoustic comes from a long, rich heritage of instruments. This is Cort’s oldest acoustic series, and it defines remarkable performance, consistency, and value for money. Combining a classic acoustic sound and a responsive nature with smooth, comfortable playability for your benefit. Whether you’re a beginner looking for reliability and comfort, or a hobbyist looking for great sound and versatility. This Cort AF510 has the feel, tone, and style to see you through a mass of musical scenarios.

    Made with spruce and mahogany, this AF510 delivers a strong, rich sound with a familiar, authentic warmth. Dynamic and utterly distinctive, you’ve got an instrument that allows you to play almost anything. Additionally, a concert body brings a focused, balanced attitude. And, it’s comfortable enough for a variety of players too thanks to its compact shape. Plus, with an array of modern, player-friendly features, the Cort AF510 meets the needs for practicing and developing your true persona.

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  • $159

    Key Features

    • Blaze through the speakers with HSS pickups
    • Sleek, striking, and built for memorable performances
    • Lightweight and comfortable thanks to a thin body
    • Slide across the neck with ease courtesy of the smooth satin finish
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  • $29
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  • $399

    Limited Edition 25-key Paraphonic Hybrid Hardware Synth with Poly-aftertouch Flat Keyboard, Wavetable and Digital Oscillators, Analog Filters, Modulation Matrix, Arpeggiator, and Sequencer

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