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G7th Nashville Steel String Guitar Capo – Black


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Product Description

The black G7th Nashville is a lightweight spring-loaded instrument capo designed to provide stable fret barring for a musician playing a 6-string guitar in recording sessions, live performances, rehearsals, and lessons. Just clamp it to your guitar neck to raise the pitch at various points across the fretboard. In comparison with legacy designs, the Nashville is more efficiently operated due to the spring pivot point being positioned nearer to the neck edge. It handily stores on your headstock when it’s time to return to your standard tuning. The silicone rubber grip maintains tone and sustain and protects your neck from contact with the metal body of the capo.

Delivers the right amount of tension to your strings, so you spend less time retuning and more time playing
Wrap-around silicone rubber and bar design eliminates deadening of tone and avoids dangerous metal-to-wood contact on your guitar neck
With the spring pivot point closer to your guitar neck, the Nashville is faster and easier to use than legacy spring capos
Handily stores on your headstock when not in use

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