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StudioLogic SL88 Studio 88-Key USB/MIDI Keyboard Controller


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88-Key, Fatar Hammer-Action Controller

Product Description

The SL88 Studio is ideal for the gigging musician. Lightweight (at 30.2 lb), it is equipped with rugged, full-metal casing and sculptured endcaps that help shield the keybed, while providing a safe grip when handling and transporting. Located at the center of the front panel, the simple and intuitive UI features a large TFT LCD color display that is easy to read in low-light environments. The friendly layout comes with an encoder knob to quickly navigate through all functions. Three programmable stick controllers give you direct control and manipulation of any desired sound parameter during live performances.

To get the most from your instrument, the SL Editor software (free download available separately) enables you to edit all available SL88 Studio parameters from a Mac/Windows computer via USB. The software lets you program the keyboard feel with soft, medium, hard, or custom velocity curves. It also provides a database and a backup system to maintain and organize your projects.

The SL88 Studio ships with a PS100 switch pedal and a power adapter.

SL line, 88-key MIDI keyboard controller with piano-touch feel
Four programmable zones
Keyboard feel is programmable for soft, medium, hard, and custom velocity curves
250 programs, 12 programs groups
Two MIDI ports separately assignable
5-pin MIDI connectors—In, Out 1, Out 2
USB port for USB to host, MIDI, and USB power connections
Includes PS100 switch pedal and power adapter
Authentic Piano Touch
Light, TP/100LR hammer-action keybed technology from Fatar provides piano-like playing experience
Triple-switch detection system on each key
Velocity and aftertouch information for expressive performance
Portable Form Factor
Compact profile
Portable professional controller unit
Stage and studio ready with rugged full-metal casing
Sculptured endcaps made of a highly resistant synthetic material help shield the keybed and provide a safe grip when handling and transporting
Ease of Operation
Simple and intuitive UI with friendly layout
Large TFT LCD color display in the center of the instrument
Six-way, encoder knob lets you navigate through all functions quickly and easily
Three buttons to the right of the encoder knob bring you back to the top-level from any location in the system with just one push
Real-Time Control
Three programmable stick controllers for direct control and manipulation of any desired sound parameter
Stick 1 is spring-loaded for both X/Y directions, typically used for pitch and modulation control
Stick 2 is spring-loaded in the X direction only
Stick 3 is free in both X and Y directions—ideal for panning, cross-fading, and parameter control
All sticks feature an aluminum shaft that feels balanced and expressive
Magnetic Rail System
Magnetic Rail System at the rear of the keyboard for mounting an optional SL Music Stand or SL Computer Plate—holds written notes, sheet music, laptop, or tablet
SL Editor
SL Editor software enables you to edit all available SL88 Studio parameters with an intuitive and interactive user interface from a Mac/Windows computer, via USB—free download available separately
Communication is set in real time and all editing is transmitted to the unit directly, with no need of any offline action
Works as a database and a backup system for your SL controller to maintain and organize your projects
Change, load, or modify the internal velocity curves according to your setup and playing preferences
Draw your personal velocity curves to control the relation between key speed and output value in all details
Key-Balance function lets you change the response of each key, draw new balance curves, or balance the black/white keys with a single control



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