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Proel WD12AV2 WEDGE Series Active 2-Way Coaxial 12″ Stage Monitor


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Quick Overview

Active 2-way coaxial stage monitor. – 1” driver / 1,35” VC. – 12” woofer with 2,5” VC. – 700 W total Peak Power. – 2 EQ PRESETS for Monitor or FOH. – SPL MAX 124 dB. – Frequency range 50 Hz – 20 Khz. – Durable polyurethane paint. – Recessed connection panel for added protection. – Pole socket

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Active 2-way Floor Monitor

  • Loudspeakers: 12″/ 1″ coaxial
  • Class D power amplifier with 300 W for LF
  • Class AB power amplifier 50 W for HF
  • Frequency range: 50 – 20,000 Hz
  • Peak SPL: 124 dB
  • Coverage pattern: 80°
  • Input: XLR / jack combo
  • Output: XLR-male
  • Control panel with level, preset switch (FOH/Monitor) and GND lift
  • Black birch multiplex housing
  • 35 mm Stand flange
  • 2 Handles
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 510 x 310 x 440 mm
  • Weight: 15 kg

Product Description

The WEDGE Series PROEL has set a standard for affordable and road-proof stage monitors, able to offer a highly valuable monitoring solution, with perfect sound intelligibility and high SPL in low-profile and portable enclosures. The Version 2 of this very successful series represents a major step forward, with several design’s refinements and feature’s improvements.The lightweight CLASS D amplifier modules with SMPS have been completely re-designed, to provide the utmost reliability even when the system is stressed at the highest sound pressure levels. Coupled to a sophisticated analog processing, they provide an extremely detailed response, particularly in the vocal range, and a remarkable resistance to feedback.


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