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Proel V12FREE V-FREE Series Portable All-in-One Battery-Powered 12″ Loudspeaker Sound System


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Quick Overview

All-in-one battery sound system. – MP3 / USB /SD player and BLUETOOTH. – 2 MIC/LINE + 1 STEREO IN. – 2 USB IN for 2.4GHZ U24H / U24B wireless mics. – 1 LINE Out. – HI + LOW EQ. – Built-in FX. – 400W Class D amp. – 1” neodymium driver and 12” woofer. – Li-ion battery / 10-12 hours working time

GENERAL Specifications
Construction Polypropylene
Cabinet Colour Black
Handles 1 x top, 1 x top retractable
Wheels 2 rear
Mounting Pole 1 x bottom
Dimensions (WxHxD) 380 x 603 x 359 mm
Weight 14.5 kg (32 lb.)
Recharge Battery 11.1 V / 8000 mAh Li-ion
Battery Recharging Time 4-5 hours
Battery Working Time 10-12 hours
Power Supply 100 V-240 V~ 50/60 Hz
Rated Consumption 300 W

Product Description

PROEL V FREE systems gives you the freedom to perform your music or play your sound anywhere, with a superb sound quality and without the hassle of laying down cables or finding a power outlet.

V10FREE and V12FREE are battery-powered portable sound systems featuring a powerful 400W amplifier, a built-in 3-channel mixer with effect and tone controls and an advanced MP3 player with BLUETOOTH connectivity, featuring a large back-lit LCD display and able to play songs from SD card, USB MEMORY STICK or directly from your smartphone or tablet.

They includes also two USB inputs for connecting PROEL U24H or U24B 2.4GHz Wireless Microphones with USB receiver, available both with handheld and bodypack transmitter. Just plug in the ultra-compact USB receiver and you can instantly use a professional wireless system, offering a high-definition, interference-free transmission thanks to the 2.4GHz technology.

The the premium loudspeakers, the Class D power amplifier and the sophisticated processing provide a superb sound quality, while the built-in Li-ion battery allows for up to 10 hours of mains-free continuous operation, for the maximum freedom of use.

Both these ultra-portable and light-weight systems (10kg and 11kg respectively) can be installed on standard speaker poles and the V12FREE is fitted with a luggage-style extra handle and two wheels.

Incredibly simple to set-up and use , V FREE loudspeakers are perfect for a wide range of applications, including parties, schools, corporate and educational presentations, seminars, gym, weddings, live music and even DJ sets.

All-in-one battery powered sound system
MP3 PLAYER with USB port, SD slot, BLUETOOTH connection and LCD
2 USB inputs for the use of 2.4GHZ U24H and U24B wireless microphones
1 LINE output
HIGH + LOW EQ controls
Built-in EFFECT
400W Class D amplifier
1” horn loaded neodymium compression driver and 12” woofer
Li-ion battery with 10-12 hours working time
Compact and light-weight PP cabinet with two wheels and retractable handle


Proel Sound Systems

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