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Black Lion Audio Bluey FET Limiting Amplifier


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1-channel FET Limiting Amplifier with 20 Microsecond Minimum Attack Time

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Black Lion Audio Bluey Overview
The Bluey Compressor FET Limiting Amplifier from Black Lion Audio is a modified Blue Stripe compressor based off of the unit owned by mix engineer Chris Lord-Alge. When components became unavailable, techs were forced to change out the circuit, creating a one of a kind compressor that has been heard on countless hits. Chris Lord-Alge discovered the unit had a special mojo to it that shines on vocal tracks and other audio applications. The team at Black Lion Audio in conjunction with Chris recreated the monster that is now known as the Bluey.

The Bluey compressor features a fully discrete design, through hole components, polyester capacitors, and a wet/dry mix feature. Equipped with a vintage-inspired one-sided PCB layout, the compressor has a Cinemag remake of the original UTC transformer, a linear power supply, and precise meter calibration.


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