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Focal Clear MG Pro Open-back Reference Studio Headphones


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Quick Overview

Professional Open-back, Circumaural Monitor Headphones with M-shaped Magnesium Domes and Internal/External Honeycomb Grilles, Microfiber/Leather-Covered Aluminum Headband, and Memory Foam Earpads

Tech Specs
Type: Wired
Open/Closed: Open
Fit Style: Circumaural (Around the Ear)
Driver Size: 40mm
Noise Attenuation: Passive Noise Isolating
Frequency Response: 5Hz-28kHz
Impedance: 55 ohms
Connectivity: 1/4″ plug, 1/8″ plug (both cables included)
Cable Type: Coiled
Cable Length: 16.5 ft., 3.9 ft.
Detachable Cable: Yes
Color: Black
Material: Microfiber covered Memory Foam Earpads
Case/Bag: Softshell Case
Manufacturer Part Number: FOPRO-CLEARMGPRO

Product Description

Focal is renowned worldwide for their reference-grade monitor speaker designs — and this world-class expertise carries over to modern headphone technology. Focal Clear MG Professional circumaural open-back studio headphones boast Focal’s proprietary M-shaped magnesium domes, which deliver breathtakingly lifelike dynamic response and the remarkable ability to reproduce the most minute details in your mixes across the entire frequency spectrum. Clear MG Professionals transcend the shortcomings traditionally associated with mixing on headphones; namely that mixes don’t “translate” when played back on speakers. This means you can make mix decisions with confidence, assured that your mixes will sound the same, regardless of playback system.



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